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We met on one of the many Online-Learning Mastermind calls we attend and realized that we shared a passion for Course Creation and the Tech side of information delivery. More importantly we both have a deep appreciation of the age old adage “The right tool for the job”. It is amazing to us how much time, energy and money can go down the drain fighting the wrong tool.

We decided to do something about that. We are going to mix our passions for Course Creation and “Toolsmithing” as a resource for all Course Creators. Our goal is not only to continue researching the available tools but also present them in a way that Course Creators will find immediately useful. The right tool used in the right way can increase your students satisfaction and completion rates. They will also improve your productivity and course quality which will increase your return. Our team is growing quickly. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Jon Farley

My journey to get me to Online-Learning has been a up and down with many turns. The last 15 years I have had a very successful medical career in both pre and inpatient care. However my health was always third on the list of priorities. My passion in online learning started with the need to get my health back. Tipping the scales at over 400Lbs I had to make a change. I had VSG surgery dec 23rd, 2015. 9 months Later I had dropped over 215Lbs. I wanted to share my knowledge.

I  Founded a Bariatric support online coaching company that helped over 10,000 people lose over 600,000Lbs in the first year. With that journey came many successes and failures. My goal is to share my skills to help you grow your online course.

My work in medicine was just a stage in the road to get me through life. All through my life I have loved technology. My background in high school and collage was in Theater production. After getting a full ride to Mt hood CC in theater and television production. I used that skill to Be the lead designer in several church’s sound and lighting design and install. I bring all this to tools for course creators to bring you a whole package.

I am most alive when exploring our wonderful world

Young Mark With Headphones

I have always loved music

Mark Mayes

I realize that my life journey has uniquely prepared me to succeed in Online-Learning. Online-Learning is a multi-disciplined undertaking. It requires at least five distinct roles to succeed: Subject Matter Expert, Community Builder, Instructional Designer, Technologist and Entrepreneur. Working with Jon on Tools For Course Creators is the next logical step in using my experience and skills to be useful to others.

In my early days I was fortunate to work with diverse experimental sciences, from decoding the language of dolphins, at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on Cape Cod; hosting a progressive rock radio show during the golden age of rock; teaching electronic music at a prestigious “New England music school”; to working on a Psychology degree, building computer controlled rat-mazes for research.

My work in research psychology sent me down the path of Computer Science. I taught undergraduate and graduate level CS courses at Boston University, earning Bachelor of Science degree before entering the “real world,” where I developed and shipped over 65 products with teams at GenRad, Apollo Computer, HP, SuperMac, Silicon Graphics, Harman Intl. and Microsoft. I held many roles over the years, from Engineer, VP Engineering, Designer, VP Marketing, GM of product groups, which broadened my background even further.

After leaving Microsoft in 2011, I have been working on being useful to people as a Credentialed Leadership, Business and Personal Development Coach. I have over 1800 hours working with businesses and individuals to build lasting results. We accomplish this by exploring the values and beliefs that either fuel or impede deep change. I am now driven to apply these skills with course creators to help change the effectiveness of Online-Learning.

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