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There are 5 major roles necessary to generate, deliver and support an awesome environment for online learning that delights your students

Subject Matter Expert

Someone who has acquired a level of knowledge and expertise in specific areas (or want's to learn)


Someone who is comfortable using technology e.g. WordPress, Photoshop, Vimeo (or want's to learn)

Community Builder

Someone who is proactive and comfortable seeking and creating social networks (or want's to learn)

Course Creator

Someone who produces learning materials in various formats; video, text, audio, etc. (or want's to learn)


Someone who works independently and is a self promoter of their business skills (or want's to learn)

Are you awesome at all of these?

We will venture to say that nobody is. Don't let this stop you from going for it!
The Answer Is building Teams And Using the right Tools.

We would love to be your partner! We offer

Our Courses

We have a growing collection of courses and resources based on nine course related topics outlined below. Courses are offered in three levels.

1) Hand Tools - focused courses on single topics.
2) Power Tools - deep dive courses that address tools and topics in greater detail.
3) Industrial Tools - courses that are focused on building major cross-functional projects.

The Club

The Club is the place to hang out for Mastermind Calls, Photo Libraries, Site Discounts, and other resources that will be useful as you continue to develop your course offerings.
You will also have the opportunity to help drive new content and future offerings within The Club.

Custom Programs

Tailored 1on1 programs that draw upon our proven success and experience in Technology Mentorship, Coaching Skills and Course Content Development. Each program is uniquely individualized and designed to address your specify learning needs to ultimately support you to supercharge your course offerings!

The Podcast(s)

We have a growing collections of interviews and in-depth commentary on all things related to building successful course offerings. Topics bring together up to date information about specific tools, resources, ideas worth sharing, case studies, and best practice guidelines. Our goal is to enhance your knowledge base and skills with an on demand listening library.

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We cover the landscape of Tools For Course Creators

LMS Implementation

The Learning Management System (LMS) is central to online course delivery. There are many powerful options available. We will work with you to cut through the forest and help you identify the right solution for your needs to create a successful course.

Course Design

There are at least nine identified learning styles. Successful courses match presentation to the preferred style. Identifying these styles (often more than one) and matching them to your course delivery is how we approach Course Design. This activity is part art and part science.

E-Commerce / Marketing

Reaching your ideal student is part of the magic of online learning. Do you have more than courses to offer? Do you have physical goods, e-books, coaching or other services? There are hundreds of options. We explore this landscape with course creators in mind.


Learning is a communal activity. Much learning occurs between the lessons. As John Cage said, "music is found in the silence between the notes." The web provides many opportunities to build communities with differing characteristics. We will explore how to create community for your students.

Live Streaming

If you haven't noticed, Live Streaming is really taking off! Having the ability to broadcast your own content across different platforms will do for video what word processors and e-books did for publishing. We show you how to access and benefit from this powerful avenue of expression.


Whether your course is informational, skill acquisition, or change focused, coaching is fundamental to your students success. We focus on applying proven techniques tailored to each of these desired results. You will craft the program that best suits you and your students' needs.

Audio / Podcasting

We explore tools and techniques that maximize the audio focus required for awesome learning. Beyond courses, great audio can help you deliver a quality message in podcasts, live streaming and in other channels. All of which will help you share your message far and wide.


Most online learning contains video content. There are techniques that you can use to create an effective presentation. Lighting, sound, staging and scripting are all involved. We will help you find the style that works for you and equip you with the tools and training you need to pull it off!


Accessibility is often overlooked which excludes a large population. To ensure your courses are universal, we help you to implement tools and techniques to easily accommodate various needs.
 We will help you create barrier-free learning.

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