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Let Us Be Your Partner so you can focus on Creating Compelling and Successful Courses

Let Us Be Your Tech Partner so you can focus on Creating Compelling and Successful Courses

Creating Compelling Courses is hard : Let us help you with

There are 5 major roles necessary to generate, deliver and support an awesome environment for online learning that delights your students

Subject Matter Expert


Community Builder

Course Creator


Are you awesome at all of these roles?

We will venture to say that nobody is. Don't let this stop you from going for it!
The Answer Is building Teams And Using the right Tools.

We want to help you on Both Sides of the Equation.

We cover the landscape of Tools For Course Creators

How We Can Work Together

We would love to be your Tech Partner

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Done For You

We offer a complete Done For You service where we apply our years of experience building a complete online-learning solution. After a number of sessions where we understand your needs and co-create your branding we will develop a unique project plan that allows you to focus on creating your course content and build your business. In parallel we will create a best-in-class online-learning platform that meets your needs. We stay in tight communication with you through our unique Client Dashboard where you will see daily (and sometimes hourly) updates of our progress. Our goal is to have you relax and do what you love while we do what we love!

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Done With You

Our unique Construction Tool Courses take you to the next level! Together we build a fully functioning online learning site. Then you can optionally add e-commerce and advanced marketing programs to further build your business. These courses are all about results. They are focused on weekly sprints (milestones) backed by Lessons, Worksheets, Checklists, Live Mastermind calls and Accountability Checkins. These weekly sprints are based on action checklists with measurable goals.


No matter what stage you are on your course creation journey, there are times when you find yourself stuck. You spend a lot of time spinning your wheels by googling and reading and googling and reading (lather, rinse, repeat). If only you could just spend 15-20 minutes chatting with someone who could help. Well now you can. We at Tools For Course Creators have done a lot of work in this area. Our courses are filled with information you can use, but you may not have the time to go that route. We have decided to offer some of our time in 15-20 minute increments for 1on1 conversations. Need questions answered? Need a pointer to a solution? Need a tool recommendation? That is what TechTickets are all about. They are not a replacement for plugin tech support, but a new set of eyes designed to turn roadblocks into speed bumps.

Do you want to up your game?

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