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Creating Compelling Courses is hard : Let us help you with

There are 5 major roles necessary to generate, deliver and support an awesome environment for online learning that delights your students

Subject Matter Expert


Community Builder

Course Creator


Are you awesome at all of these roles?

We will venture to say that nobody is. Don't let this stop you from going for it!
The Answer Is building Teams And Using the right Tools.

We want to help you on Both Sides of the Equation.

We cover the landscape of Tools For Course Creators

LMS Implimentation

The Learning Management System (LMS) is central to online course delivery. There are many options open to you. We will work to cut through the forest to help you find the right solution for you.

Live Streaming

If you haven't noticed Live Streaming is really taking off. The ability to broadcast your own content will do for video what word processors and e-books did for publishing. - open this powerful avenue of expression to anyone who wants it!


Do you have more than courses to offer? Do you have physical goods, e-books, coaching and other services? We will help you integrate with the leading digital commerce solutions - Woo Commerce and Easy Digital Downloads to seamlessly sell these to your students.


Learning is a communal activity. Much (many say most) learning occurs between the lessons. As john Cage said "music is found in the silence between the notes" The web provides many opportunities to build communities with differing characteristics. Facebook groups do not work for everyone. Forums take some extra work to manage and moderate. We will explore how to discover and create the appropriate community for your students .

Course Design

There are at least nine identified learning styles. Successful courses match presentation to the preferred learning styles of your target students. Identifying these styles (there is always more than one) and matching these your course delivery is how we approach Course Design. This activity is part art and part science and that is how we will work with you.


Tool Reviews

We are very proud tool geeks. Easily 25% of the time we talk is spent talking about new and existing tools that are available and how they are useful to course creators. Ask us how many hammers we own! We want to share this passion with you. Either through our podcast, blog posts or courses we will share our love of tools.


Most online learning is contains video content. There are infinite styles and approaches to produce the desired communication. But at the core there are basic elements that create the video environment you desire. Lighting, sound, staging and scripting are involved in every video. We will help you discover the style that works for you and equip you with the tools and training you need to pull it off!


This is not "Field of Dreams" you need to do more than build your course for them to come to learn. Reaching your ideal student is part of the magic of online learning. Facebook Ads, Webinars, e-mail campaigns, podcasting, blogging, ... There are hundreds of options. We will explore this landscape with course creators in mind. Let us leave you with a stat from 2017 - 87% of all online purchases involve, at some level, email marketing. We will start there and expand.

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