What is your time worth?  Need a quick opinion? Need help turning a roadblock into a speed-bump? Don’t spin your wheels! Arrange for a 1on1 call with us here at Tools For Course Creators. We have experience with 20+ successful Online-Learning / Membership sites.

What Are TechTickets®?

No matter what stage you are on your course creation journey, there are times when you find yourself stuck. You spend a lot of time spinning your wheels by googling and reading and googling and reading (lather, rinse, repeat). If only you could just spend 15-20 minutes chatting with someone who could help. Well now you can. We at Tools For Course Creators have done a lot of work in this area. Our courses are filled with information you can use, but you may not have the time to go that route. We have decided to offer some of our time in 20 minute increments for 1on1 conversations. Need questions answered? Need a pointer to a solution? Need a tool recommendation? That is what TechTickets are all about. They are not a replacement for product tech support, but a new set of eyes designed to turn roadblocks into speed bumps.

How Do TechTickets® Work?

A TechTicket call is a private 1 on 1 video call with one of the experts here at Tools For Course Creators. You can schedule calls of 20 min or 60 min length.  Use the schedule a call buttons below to purchase and set up a mutually convenient time. We will send you the instructions on how to set up a call on your side. 

We also offer the ability to Pre-Purchase tickets. We offer packs of 3 tickets at a discount. You will receive a voucher in the mail that contains a unique code that you enter when you schedule a call.  

We hope you find this service useful. 

Schedule a 20 min Call

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3 – 20 min Tickets

$126 – SAVE $15

Schedule a 60 min Call

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Purchase 60 min Tickets

3 – 60 min Tickets

$369 – SAVE $42

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